A Day with William Meader

For the second year running, William Meader, international teacher of Esoteric Philosophy (meader.org), is coming to St Davids in Wales – on Tuesday 21st May 2019. He is holding a workshop on “Soul Purpose and the Seven Rays”

This presentation is an introduction to the Seven Rays of Divine Manifestation. According to the ancient Esoteric Philosophy, all of creation comes into being through the interaction of seven great streams of energy (Rays). These Rays condition all life upon our planet and every human being is subject to their influence. From a spiritual perspective, an understanding of the Seven Rays is important because every Soul is found upon one of these divine Rays. To understand the Soul Ray is to discover one’s essential nature and spiritual purpose in life. In short, there are seven types of Souls, each having a particular quality seeking to be expressed in the outer world.  In this day-long workshop you will:

  • Discover the unique ray nature of your Soul, and the divine purpose it seeks to express
  • Acquire a wealth of theoretical and practical information on each of the seven rays
  • Discover your Personal Ray Formula through a comprehensive ray assessment and interpretation
  • Ascertain the key to your spiritual transformation by understanding the relationship between your Soul Ray and Personality Ray
  • Learn how to relate more effectively with others by considering their distinctive ray patterns

Important Note
Participants will  be able to have their own ray make-up analysed and will need to complete a questionnaire in advance.   This is done online, and it would be most helpful if people could do this by 26 April, so that William can process their answers before he leaves home for his UK trip.
When you book your place with payment, you will be sent the link  to complete the questionnaire.

Date and Time : Tuesday 21 May 2019, 10.30am-5pm
Venue: The Discovery Room, Oriel-y-Parc Visitor Centre, High St, Saint David’s SA62 6NW  [Click here for directions]
Cost : £40, payable in advance
Booking is required by 26 April: book your place by contacting Don MacGregor on donmacg@live.co.uk or phone 07900 003199. Payment can be by cheque or bank transfer.

Astrological Consultations:   While in St Davids, William will be offering a small number (4) of esoterically interpreted astrological readings. Called the Astrology of the Soul, this form of reading is designed to reveal the Soul’s purpose. In addition, it indicates how the personality (ego) tends to inhibit the Soul and reveals the means to overcome such tendencies. Readings are one hour in length, and a recording is provided. Appointments available by request to Don MacGregor. Cost: £95 (£85 for follow up appointments)

This Event is organised on behalf of CANA (www.cana.org.uk), a national group working ‘Towards Universal Spirituality’

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