Cacao Ceremony and Ecstatic Dance

SPRING EQUINOX Cacao Ceremony and Ecstatic Dance with Indigo

March 21st Saturday Night 7.30pm – 11pm
Cilgerran Village Hall £12 – £15

We are back for another exciting Cacao Ecstatic Dance after the really powerful uplifting New years eve and Imbolc Dances!

To celebrate Spring and the balance of day light and night time, we will be dancing to a top notch, super sound system and the latest contemporary conscious dance music from around the world, to uplift and soothe your soul and get you dancing!

Setting our intentions with our sacred Cacao ceremony, it is so transformative, deep and delicious. Opening our heart more to connect to ourselves and together. For a great atmosphere in a safe and well held sacred space.

Come and dance and share in this special celebration Springing into Spring, as the days start to lengthen and the birds really sing. We will set our intentions as the pace of the year quickens. We will honour and mark the changes of the season as we gather together for a sacred cacao ceremony and incredible deep dance music wave journey, to go within and come up shining!

We arrive at 7.30 to welcome each other and have a warm up dance then a Cacao Ceremony before we start our big dance wave and finally coming joining again in circle for completion.

No need to book just turn up!
Contact before if money is an issue, so that the dance is accessible.


Anyone can move and dance, following their own expression and meditation in movement. No experience necessary, just a willingness to feel free and let go and enjoy yourself in your intuitive self guidance for what you need to heal and be whole again now.

When we dance we do so without words so we can be in moving meditation. Being conscious without drink or substances so we are clear and focussed. Fully present. We make memories to take forward with us in our journey in life.

We dance to free our body and self, while we move through a wave of music, as we ride the wave we relax feel good and let go and come to a peaceful stand still and finally chill out. Very often we come to creative realisations and everything falls into place as we move to amazing music together and receive our dance as we wind down and bring it all together as the dance comes to a close.

Trust your body and self, it all knows what to do as you naturally dance and move. Just dance how ever you feel and move how you want to. You can’t get it wrong and your dance is perfect for you. Let the music resonate inside as it inspires and helps to release and express your feelings.


Indigo has been leading Ecstatic Conscious Dance workshops and classes for years locally and a keen dancer of Conscious Dance including 5 Rhythms and Biodanza most weeks for 20 years and has also studied dance at university.
A DJ for 30 years and professionally for 20 years.

Contact me on 07855501328

Here is the music wave from the last Ecstatic Dance with Indigo event for the IMBOLC celebration

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