Contemporary Spirituality

dscf2247Out of the social upheaval of the 1960’s and 70’s, there emerged a new spirituality, popularised in the song “This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius”. It became known as the New Age movement. It was characterised by exploration, experimentation and new ideas –  and many old ones recycled. Coupled with the explosion of the information age, it has had an increasing influence in western culture in recent years, evidenced by the huge growth of the ‘mind, body, spirit’ sections in every bookshop.  Complementary therapies are often seen as part of it, as are a whole raft of spiritual practices. Many are simply seeking for more in life, spiritually yearning for the best, highest and purest, for a forward step in consciousness for all humanity. This movement is now coming of age and  often flies under the banner of ‘Holistic’ or  ‘Contemporary’ Spirituality.
It is not an organised faith or religion, but it is a movement of like-minded people who are exploring the meaning of life in this information-rich age. Having easy access to all sorts of information on spiritual matters, we are no longer content with the teachings of the major faiths, but want to select amongst the riches on offer, to seek the common ground, to find new ways forward. We want to see the whole not just a few parts part – a holistic viewpoint.dscf0152
Holistic Values Statement 

This Statement was composed in 2008 after carefully consulting over 200 other Values Statements including the UN Declaration on Human Rights, The Earth Charter and the UK Inter Faith Code of Conduct.

I welcome diversity of belief, faith, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, intellect, ability and age – and value the unique contribution of every individual.

I recognise the sacred interdependence of all life and behave so as to protect the health and 
sustainability of our natural environment now and for future generations.

I recognize spirituality to be a normal and healthy part of daily life, as people experience the wonder of nature and all creation; and I celebrate the many paths that explore this wonder and its meaning.

At home, at work and in my community, I am committed to respectful, loving and positive relationships.

I maintain a life style and gain my income in ways that benefit and do no harm.

I actively engage to build community, alleviate injustice and relieve suffering; and deplore any situation that limits the rights, development and fulfilment of any being.

I am actively committed to managing my own health and development; and I value life as an ongoing process of learning.

Don MacGregor, July 2009