‘Meditation for Today’ – starts 1st October

‘Meditation For Today’ is a six week course at St. David’s Wellbeing Centre.

Tuesday evenings from 7.15 – 9.15pm, starting Tuesday October 1st through to Tuesday November 5th 2019

Wherever you are on your journey, this could be for you

In this small weekly group we will explore together, learn about, experience for ourselves and practice a form of meditation that is right for today’s times.

This is an ancient and universal approach to meditation present within the heart of all traditions and being rediscovered by people today.  If you are searching for a sound daily practice to carry you through life’s variable journey – then this could be right for you.

Simple and grounded yet deep, gentle and wise, this practice is integrating, healing and transformative for body, heart, mind and spirit. ‘Meditation for Today’ could not be offered at a more relevant time – for ourselves and for the planet we are a part of.

Come and discover if this might be for you at this time.


Course Facilitator:    Jayne MacGregor, over 20 years experience as a meditation practitioner and guide.

 Book a place: Contact Jayne MacGregor 07491 985180, jaynemacgregor@yahoo.co.uk

Cost:  £10 per session (or £50 in advance for all 6 wks)

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